[My Pervy Family] Addie Andrews: Helping Step-Mom Pay The Mortgage

[My Pervy Family] Addie Andrews: Helping Step-Mom Pay The Mortgage
We haven’t been doing so hot since my stepmom got divorced. Bills are piling up & collectors are calling. I watch my stepmom breakdown on the phone as it looks like we’re going to default on the loan for our mortgage. I approach her to comfort her and let her know everything is going to be OK. I tell her I can help the situation. I start to touch & squeeze my stepmom’s big tits. She admits it’s been quite awhile. She lets me take her shorts off and run my fingers over her ass and pussy. She takes my cock out, she’s impressed with it’s size. She gets on top of it, standing and writhes her MILF pussy all over my dick. I move her panties to the side and penetrate her from behind. She moans as I pull her hair and manhandle her big tits. She takes me in her mouth before she slowly removes her panties to ride me. I get on top of her. She wants me to finish inside her. I shoot my big load inside my stepmother. I know it doesn’t solve all our problems, but we’ll get through this. Together.


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