[Mommys Boy] Siri Dahl: Freeloader

[Mommys Boy] Siri Dahl: Freeloader
Siri Dahl is dusting the living room when her stepson, Cole Church, comes in to lazily watch some TV. He’s supposed to be helping more around the house, which he isn’t, and it’s clear that Siri is not impressed. She tries to drop a few hints that maybe it’s time for him to move out and be more independent, but it doesn’t work. He’s good right where he is.
A short time later, Siri is talking on the phone with a friend about how she can’t get Cole to move out. At her friend’s urging, Siri realizes that she needs to be tougher with Cole and comes up with a plan to get him out of the house. Siri starts by cutting off his allowance, expecting this to motivate him to leave. Unfortunately, this doesn’t phase him at all, and he admits that he already has all he needs to be happy. So much for that idea.
The next day, Siri tells Cole that she won’t be doing his laundry anymore. It turns out that doesn’t bother him either. She then tells him that she won’t cook for him anymore, and he shrugs it off. Siri is exasperated. Will nothing get through to him?!
Siri decides to try one last tactic, and shows up in Cole’s room wearing sexy lingerie. She thinks that by flirting with him she’ll scare him away, but this backfires when Cole reveals that he’s actually INTO it. He’s super turned on by Siri and wants to go all the way with her. Siri wasn’t expecting this, but admits that it would be very fun. She climbs on the bed and sucks on his hard cock, getting it ready for all the naughty ‘chores’ to come.
Seems like keeping this freeloader around may have its benefits after all.


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