[Mommys Boy] Ryan Keely: Nobody’s Good Enough For You

[Mommys Boy] Ryan Keely: Nobody’s Good Enough For You
Rion King is lusting after his stepmom Ryan Keely, so he keeps sabotaging her dates. He calls her pretending to be the next guy she was planning to go out with, tricking Ryan into thinking that the guy is a two-timing sleazebag so that she cancels the date in disgust. Mission accomplished!
When another potential date sends Ryan a text message, Rion deliberately deletes the text on his stepmom’s phone, so Ryan thinks that the guy is avoiding her. She is disappointed and accepts Rion’s offer to comfort her, unknowingly playing right into his hands. Another mission accomplished!
Weeks later, Ryan is about to go on another date, expecting him to arrive to pick her up any minute. Rion is determined to sabotage this date too, so when Ryan’s date Derrick Pierce shows up, Rion sends him away, claiming that he has the wrong address. When Ryan comes back in and realizes that her date is not going to show up, she is very discouraged. Rion comforts her, saying that HE can treat her better than any of her potential dates. She is surprised at first but ultimately agrees, so he undresses her and finally gets to touch her beautiful breasts and taste her pussy. Mission complete!


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