[Mommys Boy] Riley Jacobs: Are You Winning, Son?

[Mommys Boy] Riley Jacobs: Are You Winning, Son?
Brick Danger is busy playing a video game when his stepmother, Riley Jacobs, joins him. Brick is polite, letting her watch him play, but she’s soooo distracting! Not only does she ask a MILLION questions but the revealing top she’s wearing puts her breasts in PERFECT view. Although Brick tries to keep his eyes on the screen, they keep wandering back…
The longer he plays, the more Riley seems to be concerned for him. She reveals that she’s WORRIED about him. It’s just that he spends all of his time playing games, trying to romance make-believe women. He’s a young man, he should be out there trying to woo REAL women! But Brick sheepishly admits that he doesn’t really have the skills to do EITHER… Lucky for him, as Riley undoes more of her shirt while giving him a flirtatious look, it seems like he’s about to get a hands-on lesson!


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