[Mommys Boy] Aaliyah Love, Lauren Phillips: A Fine Young Man

[Mommys Boy] Aaliyah Love, Lauren Phillips: A Fine Young Man
Aaliyah Love is having a lively conversation with her best friend, Lauren Phillips. When asked about her love life, Aaliyah proudly says that she’s seeing a younger man who’s perfect in every way! Lauren is envious as she wishes that SHE could have a perfect boyfriend, too. She jokes that maybe she should date Aaliyah’s stepson, Nathan Bronson. To Lauren’s surprise, Aaliyah becomes protective and offended, so Lauren claims that she’s only kidding and backs off. But that gives Lauren a sneaky idea…
One day Aaliyah returns home early from work and is shocked to catch Lauren having sex with Nathan. Aaliyah is furious and seems to scold Lauren for the massive betrayal. Lauren apologizes, but it turns out that Aaliyah was talking to Nathan, revealing that HE is the ‘perfect man’ she’s been dating!
Aaliyah demands that Nathan make it up to her by fucking her right there and then. But Lauren doesn’t want to be left out, so Nathan, torn between too beautiful women, pleads for Lauren to be able to join in. Aaliyah is annoyed, but begrudgingly agrees — ONLY to make Nathan happy. They’re BOTH going to have to work hard to earn Aaliyah’s forgiveness!

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