[GirlsWay] Spencer Bradley, Liz Jordan: Luring The School Nurse

[GirlsWay] Spencer Bradley, Liz Jordan: Luring The School Nurse
Spencer Bradley – a nurse at a high school – escorts Liz Jordan, a seemingly sick student, back to Liz’s house. They haven’t been able to get ahold of Liz’s parents, and Spencer resolves to put Liz to bed so she can rest. A few moments later, Spencer tucks Liz into bed and leaves the room to try calling Liz’s parents again. While Spencer is out of the room, Liz grins mischievously, revealing that she is faking sickness with the aim of seducing Spencer, since Liz’s parents are away on vacation. When Spencer returns to the room, she says she won’t leave Liz’s side until they get ahold of her parents. Liz – pretending that she’s warm – asks Spencer to help her take off her shirt and bra. Spencer does so, and seems briefly aroused, tempted by Liz’s topless body (but maintains her professionalism). Liz then claims that her heartbeat is really fast, and asks Spencer to feel her heartbeat with her hand. Again, Spencer seems a little tempted as she puts her hand on Liz’s bare chest. Liz then claims that she is feeling a chill, asking Spencer to climb into bed with her to warm her up. After some initial hesitation, Spencer agrees, sliding into bed with Liz and spooning her. Liz gets increasingly flirtatious, as Spencer becomes increasingly aroused and tempted. When Liz makes her move, Spencer finally gives in. After all, it’s a nurse’s job to help a patient feel good!

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