[Family Sinners] Lacy Lennon – Showering with my step-sister

[Family Sinners] Lacy Lennon – Showering with my step-sister
Jake and Lacy race to be the first one to use their shared shower. She gets through the bathroom door first, but he forces his way inside and refuses to leave. She always takes an hour showering and he doesn’t have time to wait. Lacy gets naked and tells him to leave or she will yell for her dad and tell him Jake is trying to watch her shower. Jake isn’t intimidated. He calls her bluff. He gets naked too and decides to get in the shower with her. Lacy is surprised by how ballsy he is, and how big his dick is. Before he knows what is happening, she drops to her knees and blows him. Just then her father, Cyrus, barges in the room looking for his daughter. He doesn’t see Lacy giving Jake a blow job behind the shower curtain and she doesn’t stop. When he finally leaves, Jakes pulls her out of the shower and starts going down on her. Then he slides his huge cock into her wet pussy and bangs her on ever stable surface. When he’s ready to blow, she drops to her knees and begs him to cum all over her perfect face. In that moment of deviant ecstasy, Cyrus opens the bathroom door.

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