[Exploited College Girls] Tristan Taylor Part 2 – 18 Years Old

[Exploited College Girls] Tristan Taylor Part 2 – 18 Years Old
“So this is kinda one of the more sluttier things you have done right?” is the question that first hits you when you start watching Tristan Taylor’s first sex on camera. This girl just turned 18, just graduated high school and is just too fucking adorable for her own good. Jay is one lucky guy and should be paying me for this experience but then I wouldn’t be ExCoGi Steve. I’d be pimp Steve and no bueno. So once our “I never thought I would be doing this” little miss not so innocent, I told my parents I was going shopping and to drop me off at the mall for a few hours so I can meet some random guy and have wild outdoor and car sex with him just minutes after I meet him Tristan Taylor WOW! This girl is a wild little thing at heart that just a year ago or so had no tits, shaved her head in school, and thought it would be a cool idea to go to Walmart and buy the things needed to give herself stick and poke tats! Yes this little sweet and innocent looking girl with a smile that lights up a room with those adorable braces has a wild streak in her that I have to admit is kinda hot and we like it. I’d say she is very corruptible but she’s way past that and knows her way around a cock but in her own word needs to fuck more because Jay wore her out today. Yep ExCoGi sex is hot and heavy. We don’t fuck around here, giving our unsuspecting newbies the fucking of their life your welcome dear. I could go on and on about how fanatically beautiful Tristan’s tits are when she reviews them in the car to Jay and she says they’re her favorite body part. They’re are’s to dear. Or what a great blowjob she gives in the car before Jay suggests they get crazy and he fucks her pussy outside as her head is buried in the passenger seat and a jogger jogs by. Or just how many orgasms Jay gives her back at the hotel and she says it’s the longest and best sex she’s ever had. Oh and did I say this girl can give a BJ and take a load in her mouth and she swallows with all that hot cum dripping off her perfect tits. Well she can and it’s awesome! And yes we had her come back the next day to get ambushed for her first BBC so don’t fret and enjoy parts 1 and 2. You are welcome.

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