[Exploited College Girls] Remi Jones

[Exploited College Girls] Remi Jones BTS #ExCoGi #Casting #Sex Toys #Erotic
As promised, here is sweet and not so innocent 18 year-old Remi Jones’s BTS scene. As you know, if you have seen the last few updates, Remi lost her “guy” virginity here at ExCoGi. And if you want to see all the anticipation and thoughts that went through this little ones head before, as well as after, that ever so precious milestone in her life… HERE-IT-IS. So who is there at the pre- shoot to comfort our little cosplay teen? Her super fucking hot Lez-Lover of a girlfriend Hazel Heart that’s who, who is also 18 years old. Were do I begin? Well this little video starts with Remi getting her hair blow dried when a knock is at the door. Who could it be? It’s Hazel to lend support and ease the nerves before the BIG PENETRATION! We find out that Hazel’s debut scene was the day before and she reassures Remi everything will be fine and she will enjoy it. If you really want to see what happens before the big moment? This little one-hour clip is your cup of tea. And once her hair and makeup is done revealing the princess our newbie is, you see the smiles and almost tears of surprise at how cute and fuckable she is when she is all girled up and feminine. I must argue Remi, you need to doll up more, every now and then. You never know, it just might help in attracting more of the same sex you desire so much. Anyways, this scene is a collage of the moments “in between” the positions, and the moments leading up to and just before the first cock that ever passes the tender folds of this girl’s rose peddles. We also splashed in segments of the sex prior to and after for context just because. I must say. I love Remi’s pussy and how pink and innocent it looks. Every girl’s pussy should look this nice and inviting. Sooooo Yummy I wish I could stick my tongue up that baby factory’s entrance myself! And in summary, this little hot number ends this video with her post-shoot thoughts in the bathroom mirror before showering off all that hot yummy cum. Yes if you like seeing all the non cock fucking pussies, mouth mouthing cocks, pussy juice juicing cocks, as well as all the hot action featured in her fuck scene, then watch this. It’s very hot and erotic in its own way, showing this “guy” virgin’s true thoughts and feelings before Jay’s cock goes places no cock has gone before. MWAAAAA! Here’s Remi’s BTS!

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