[Exploited College Girls] Remi Jones, Hazel Heart – 3way – 18 Years Old

[Exploited College Girls] Remi Jones, Hazel Heart – 3way – 18 Years Old
Wonder lez sweetness-as-fuck powers ACTIVATE again! Yes it’s 18-year-old duo Hazel Heart & freshly off her de-virgining the day before lover Remi Jones. Jay is one lucky bastard getting to fuck these girlfriends again and for their first 3way ever by the way! I think every guy would agree that they’ve always wanted their GF to have a GF. Just saying. So this little soiree begins with these two sweeties on the ExCoGi bed raring to go and just itching to lick pussy and take their first dick together as innocent lovers exploring their sexuality. I fucking love this shit and so does Jay as he interviews these two and gets them to open up as they paint us a more vivid and colorful picture of their past love making. Sweet isn’t it? What love abounds and it’s explained to us that Remi is the more dominate one and it’s Hazel that likes to be dominated. Well, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Again, everything about these girls that needs to be said was said in their debut scenes’ write-ups so go read it there if you need to find out what color hello kitty backpacks they own. Or if you need to know what their interests are or what they like to do when they have their clothes on. Get it? But if you want to watch two hot as fuck, sweet and innocent looking lesbian lovers take their first dick together on camera quit reading this and start playing the video. It’s what you have wet dreams about when thinking of pubescent teenage girls doing things to each other on a sleep over when they think their parents are asleep. Yeah it’s that kind of scene. It’s Innocence with pubescent hairy pussy’ed horny-as-fuck inexperienced girls who just turned legal who love licking pussy, taking dick, licking ass and will try anything once who also eat cum type of video. And guess what? They even have matching white lace little girl panties on that are cute as fuck that scream “We are not slutty whores”. I couldn’t write a better porn script if I did that lame ass sorta shit. Anyways. Again, I’m not sure if all you perverted fucks out there deserve such treats as Remi and Hazel first pussy licking and 3way ever on camera for the whole world to see, but here they are. And it’s beautiful!

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