[Exploited College Girls] Natalia – 18 Years Old

[Exploited College Girls] Natalia – 18 Years Old
There’s barely legal, just barely legal and “oh my god, she just turned 18”- legal and it’s the later that best describes our blonde cutie, Natalia. She’s very petite and has the perkiest little tits you’ve ever seen, a perfect handful. Just as you’d expect a teen to be, her body is tight with a gorgeous ass and a perfectly shaved pussy just ripe for the taking. You’d think she’d be the innocent type, but she’s far from it. Losing her virginity at an early age, she’s been around enough boy cock to know what she’s doing. She also has a SnapChat channel that’s very popular (no surprise there!) and that’s probably what led her to take the next step and start her porn career with us, which we like! Cam is the oldest guy she’s ever been with, so it was a good time to show her a few new tricks (which was harder than you’d think!).

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