[Exploited College Girls] Naomi – 18 Years Old

[Exploited College Girls] Naomi – 18 Years Old
Sweet and sexy with stunning good looks, 18 year old Naomi comes across as a wholesome girl, that is until you get to know her, then you’ll happily realize that this one is a real closet freak. Maybe it’s because she started watching porn at an age too young for us to print here, or that she lost her virginity at an early age, but whatever the reason Naomi likes to fuck, and the rougher the better! She likes some pain with her sex and gets super wet when you spank, choke or spit in her mouth, as long as you take control of her, she’ll give you one hell of a ride! Besides being super cute, this little subbie has a beautiful body with perfect suckable tits, an ass that begs to be pounded and a tight pussy that gets wet at the mere sight of a hard cock. Fortunately, our man Cam has just what she needs and then some and showed this porn rookie a few new tricks, much to her squealing delight! Her early nervousness went away quickly once she fingered her tiny twat which soon after got a taste of our vibrating toys. We’ve seen girls get wet before, but in no time at all, Naomi’s pussy lips were glistening with her juices. This was just fine with our stud Cam who licked them up and set her off on another of her many orgasms. Naomi has been with 11 guys before, but has given head to more than that and it really shows with her talented sucking. But like any good girl, she couldn’t wait to get fucked and quite honestly we couldn’t wait either! With cries of Fuck me daddy!, Naomi was a wild child and took everything we gave her with an evil grin begging for more. She had a lot of firsts including some ass play and surprisingly doing missionary for the first time (don’t ask we can’t figure this one out either!). Her pussy was so tight that even our seasoned pro had to take a break to keep from cumming, but when he did, he unleashed a huge facial for our first timer, who giggled with glee as her face was covered in his sticky goo. Naomi definitely wants to do more and we’re totally on board with that, so expect to see more of her in the future. But take our advice, enjoy her now in this extended video, we know you’re going to like it!

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