[Exploited College Girls] Nadia Noja

[Exploited College Girls] Nadia Noja
So occasionally I fuck up real bad and unfortunately this was the case with 23 year-old Nadia Noja; today’s exploit. You see we’ve been going thru some growing pains here at the ExploitedX network and we are expanding our Jizz Bizz testicles, I mean business tentacles lol. And during our office move earlier this year I, like the stupid fuck I can be sometimes, misplaced Ms Noja’s content. Well luckily for us, and you, it just resurfaced and we are so glad it did. This scene was shot back on Jan 14, 2021 just a few days after her quote un quote, “porn casting” over on Rick’s infamous Black Couch and once again when he needs to show legitimacy as a porn agent? It’s ExCoGi Steve to the rescue. Love this arrangement. So here we are with naughty Nadia, who by the way likes to be naughty in all the ways that matter and we just love how super sexual this girl is. We also think her names fits her perfectly, which is right up walking-hormone Jake Adam’s alley and these two can’t wait for the naughtiness to begin. But lets not all go stampeding towards the clitoris like we’re a gonzo flick shall we? You know there’s just so much cock and pussy out there in the pornosphere that we forget sometimes that these sweeties are actual first timers with beautiful mouths that can do other things besides suck a good cock. And what other things can a girl’s mouth be used for besides sucking you ask? Well she can talk with it for one thing and you have to admit, our ExCoGi honeys are worth listening to sometimes and naughty Nadia’s no exception. So lets take a few moments getting to know our newbie shall we? And as we listen to Nadia in her submission video, hanging on every word uttered out of that beautiful mouth, we find out that she’s been thinking about taking dick on camera since she was 18. Ok hold on. Let me do the math here. Give me a second. Ok, so for the past 5 years she’s been thinking LONG and HARD, giggitly, about her future porn goodie bag and what to fill it to the brim with. Lets see, this girl’s into cocks, pussies, butt plugs, Anal (after her casting), strap-ons, horse whips, ball gags, and submissive porn. Shoot! Just about everything a young lady needs for a good time in Vegas I’d say. And as long as we’re swinging for the fences lets not leave out all the deep- throating, face fucking, full on in your face facials, multiple orgasms, 3-ways, 4-ways, orgies, bondage, anal probing of a good time that this girl’s possibly down for. Yes this girl’s had her naughty mind in the gutter thinking about this stuff for 5 years and we aim to hit our target in a very perverse and satisfying way today checking off a few more boxes of her Amazon Sex wish list. You name it and as long as it has the word “submissive” attached to it, this naughty girl’s been thinking LONG and HARD about it. We’re just glad we got our hands on her first. Get it? Well naughty Nadia’s about to get it in the best fucking way possible and we are just so willing to help a young lady reach and fulfill her dreams, as well as all her holes with cum, and this naughty girl doesn’t disappoint. So sit back and enjoy Nadia’s 2 nd sex and 1 st squirting on camera. She also broke her personal best orgasm record today and we love breaking records as well as Hyman’s here at ExCoGi.


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