[Exploited College Girls] Maria: 18 Year Old

[Exploited College Girls] Maria: 18 Year Old
So if we have ever made classy porn here at ExCoGi and exploited innocence, then this girl is the closest thing to it. How can I describe 18 year-old Maria. This girl’s a young lady in the streets, and a little whore in training in the sheets. Just the way every guy likes his girls and after doing all of this girl’s firsts all I can say is wow. Just WOW! And if I’ve ever said a girl doesn’t look like she should be doing this… It’s Maria. This girl is well spoken, on her way to being highly educated and articulate for only being 18. She has a flawless body with only her ears pierced and knows how to conduct herself. She’s gorgeous I tell you with a fine-as-fuck perky ass and matching titties that screams use me when spread eagle on our bed. She’s even so responsible and has her shit together that she even has a home mortgage, works a steady job and is going to school. It breaks my heart to here girls like her say, “I’m so disappointed by all the guys I’ve been having sex with back home.” I guess it takes only having a few orgasms and a guy paying attention to your clitoris to put things into perspective right? Amateurs my dear, you’ve been fucking amateurs I tell her. It never ceases to amaze me the average, to mediocre at best, sex these hot girls endure in their home towns just because the guys have a pretty face, abs, and claim to be good in bed. Well I know a guy named Cam who’s good at sex and is the lucky SOB stud today who gets to fuck her and a girl this special needs to be passed around to all our sites and get all her holes filled multiple times so we can check off as many sexual and perverted acts as our dirty minds can conjure up. So where do I start with the all the firsts for this young lady. First time ever-using sex toys. Yes she’s never used any before and a whole new world opens up honey when you start using sex toys and lying to your parents. Yes her mom dropped her off at the airport also for what she thinks is only a photo shoot that her little girl is doing in AZ. Love that. Lets see, she breaks her orgasm record today by a lot. Love that even more. It’s her first time squirting ever and you just have to see the waterworks a gushing and like I said she did a lot of firsts with us. Some days are just better than others and today was more better than most. So enjoy Maria everyone.


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