[Exploited College Girls] Maddy: Unfamiliar Pussy’s so Good

[Exploited College Girls] Maddy: Unfamiliar Pussy’s so Good
Unfamiliar pussy always feels better than familiar pussy and this unfamiliar pussy is 21 years old and this episodes pussy feels soooooooooo good to Tyler. Now I haven’t ever seen Tyler not be able to control his orgasm until today. Hell he’s a legend and porn stud who gets paid to fuck these hotties and not unload his load until he and the scene dictates it. Well Tyler had to pull out and think of grandma’s naked body more than a few times today with our little innocent looking first timer. But if you looked at the category tags for this scene then you know this girl’s got sex on the mind 24/7 and this isn’t some kiddy ride. Sure she’s a little quirky, but hey, that just adds to the mystic of this girl who showed up with Valentino her certified stuffed support animal. But all joking aside, we loved Valentino. Loved him so much we kept him on the bed for the entire shoot and even incorporated him into the act. No we didn’t shove him up her pussy but it was endearing indeed. But lets focus on the hottie with a spectacular pussy shall we? This girl’s got one and I even love the hairy bush action she’s sporting. It works for you and I almost reached out to touch it when I filmed her pissing on a break. Always up for some kinky stuff. She said afterwards that pissing is kind of a fetish of hers and even listed a bunch of turn-ons during the intro interview that we weren’t allowed to do because she’s just testing the porn waters from the shallow end. Well there’s always the next shoot I suppose because we have to violate that asshole of hers and spit on it as well as degrade this little thing like she claims she wants to be. But let’s be clear about this. This girl’s fresh and has only let her boyfriend lead her around by a dog collar on all fours. Yeah so there might be a few cards missing from her deck but who really gives a shit when you have a spectacular pussy and facial expressions like she did today. I just want to say thanks buddy for lending your girl’s holes to us. All our fans say thank you as well, so lets all get spanking because S22-E1 and her spectacular pussy is very spank worthy.

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