[Exploited College Girls] Maddy May & Delilah Day: 3WAY – 26 & 22 Years Old

[Exploited College Girls] Maddy May & Delilah Day: 3WAY – 26 & 22 Years Old
Yes this summer was pretty shitty with Covid and all but we were able to maintain social distancing and use face coverings to keep Maddy May and Delilah Day over an extra day so Delilah could experience her first taste of pussy. “Oh yeah” said Jay when I told him these two hotties were staying over. That’s right Maddy with all her experience has taken part in the delightful treats of the female body, but Delilah’s a slit virgin and we’re all about firsts here. So since these two thought they would only be here over night for each of their BG scenes Jay needed to take them shopping for outfits; and of course things got real hot, real quick in the dressing room. Yes this kind of shit does go on in shopping mall dressing rooms more often then you think. Anyways, this scene is split in two parts with the BTS its own part for those who want to get strait to the hotel fucking and once the fucking begins. It begins! First Maddy tastes Deliliah’s pussy as she sucks Jay’s rock hard cock. Then they switch it up and swap bodily fluids between the 3 of them for a pretty fucking hot fuck section if you ask me. Blah Blah Blah Jay fucks Maddy. Maddy licks Delilah as she’s fucked. The girls 69 and Jay fucks each of them as tongues probe, Maddy squirts, slits are fingered, clits are vibrated by the hitachi, assholes are rimmed, both girls get fucked in every position possible, cum is ejaculated onto faces and everyone has a fucking absolutely amazing time. Just go watch it. If you’re still reading this you probably buy Playboy for the articles so get to the sucking and fucking.


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