[Exploited College Girls] Luna Mars: 22 Years Old
Ok Luna go stand in front of the Family sign over there. THE FAMILY SIGN! Oh no! Oh my god there’s so much wrong with that LOL is what today’s Ex*!%@t cried out when we did her introduction video. Well there ain’t much of anything wrong with what happened next which was her taking off her clothes and spreading those fine as fuck ass-cheeks to reveal that cute as a button pussy for what I like to say is a proper introduction. Yes today we present to all of you Luna Mars. She’s 22 years old and she’s been in a little bit of a dry spell she admits in her interview. I have no fucking clue why this girl wouldn’t get dick, or pussy for that matter, every single fucking day if I looked like her and loved sex as much as she claims to. This girl also claims that her tits are her best feature but I must disagree with Miss Mars on this one because I’m a legs and ass kinda man and hers are fucking spectacular. I mean Luna’s ass is so perfect, with the cutest little pussy and asshole to boot between them I just want to scream it from a mountain top. Yummy I say! A slap across the face would totally be worth a fresh sneaky peek squeeze if I saw it walking around out in public and didn’t know her. Might also get me arrested but that would be worth it also. When you look at Luna’s legs and that perfect ass attached to them you just feel… compelled to spread them and stick your tongue up both her holes from behind they’re that cute and inviting. If Luna’s body was sushi I’d eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. I’d also nibble on it in between meals as snacks and never get tired of eating the same fucking thing every day. I bet even her farts smell like roses. Now for a girl with this perfect a body and cute face she must be a little cuckoo in the noggin upstairs you’re asking. Nope! Luna’s just as down to earth and cool as your best buddy and her personality makes this girl on a scale of 1 to 10 an 11. I swear to god, you just want to grab her head and fuck her personality through her mouth. I believe that’s called throat fucking Steve but you get the picture I trying to paint here right? Everything about this girl screams girlfriend or wife material and it’s days like these I wished I were still performing. I mean everyone wants a cool and totally chill girl who loves sex, has a smoking hot body and is totally easy on the eyes who loves girls and pussy as much as cock, and who’ll also be waiting at home legs spread wide and all when you come walking through your front door after a hard day’s work. Well-said Steve. Well said and you’ll all be very happy to know we had multiple shoots with her also so keep your eyes in your head pealed for them because they’re all very spank worthy. So enough of what I think of this girl so I’ll shut the fuck up and let you all start watching and spanking. Enjoy Luna everyone!


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