[Exploited College Girls] Lumi Rey: Orgasms A Life Worth Living – 24 Year Old

[Exploited College Girls] Lumi Rey: Orgasms A Life Worth Living – 24 Year Old
The waters run deep with this one but according to her, today was just another Wednesday night because this girl oozes sex. And by oozes I mean drips, struts, and this girl’s got “IT” and moxie in spades. Well it might not be just another Wednesday night for our little starlet and although this girl is smoking hot with one of the best bodies to walk through our doors in the past few months, and this is just a guess you see, but I would bet this vision of what a perfect women is could get laid any fucking moment of the day if she wishes. I know I would be getting dick or pussy everyday if I looked like her. ExCoGi Steve would be a total fucking slut if he looked like our newbie who’s willing to try everything once and yes I mean everything like a unicorn everything. Well we’re going to try a lot of first today for sure and we find out this girl’s never tried anal before but she’s here and willing to give it the old college try today and even said it felt amazing at first. Yes just at first because even though she tried it and lost her analginity here we were only able to get threw one and a half positions before she regrettably had to tap out during doggy. But lets rejoice shall we because our little trooper admitted afterwards that she’s not quite sure if she had an orgasm from it and said that there was definitely something going on back there and she’s willing to keep trying butt sex until she likes it. Unicorn and how do we clone this girl. All’s I know is we are waiting with baited breath for her much anticipated return trip to do a cum back with us and I’ll leave that to your imagination. I was also quite surprised to hear she had never had a facial before and we made sure to give her one right after Tyler filled that spectacular pussy of hers full of cum that she eagerly fingered and licked clean. Unicorn. Back in the day I would have blown 5 loads in and on this sweetie but that’s just me and no matter what I write here it’s just not going to do this girl justice because she’s just that special and sexy of a slut. Squirting you ask? Yes please and she did a lot of it today. Multiple orgasms? You betcha and she had a lot of them. So many in fact that she lost count but stated today she shattered her record and just giggled in bliss as she said this after her umpteenth earth shattering O. “So you guys are telling me that I can make money by just orgasming 17 times?” Yes honey, yes you can and this scene is another 2 hour plus behemoth and it’s worth every pussy dripping, earth shattering, cock gagging, anal penetrating, first time throbbing minute. She’s a keeper this one so enjoy it.


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