[Exploited College Girls] Jessica: 19 year old

[Exploited College Girls] Jessica: 19 year old
Today we have, and how should I put this… something for you comparable to an “everything bagel.” Let me explain. There’s comedy in this scene, yes comedy. There’s intensity like I’ve never witnessed before, and I’ve been doing this for 20 years. There’s finger scratching and mouth biting that breaks the skin, kinky. Sorry Tyler, that’s going to leave a mark and I guess everyone has his or her Vietnam. Well today was Tyler’s. There were also on-going negotiations of fingering one’s assholes while Tyler fucked the shit out of our newbie immediately followed by statements and questions of what type of food they will be having after the shoot. Arby’s roast beef sandwiches or Mexican? I’m not kidding and if you read her favorite position it says she loves the cowgirl but we were too afraid to do it because she gets, and these are her exact words. “I get too violent in that position.” Now she did claim right before reverse cowgirl that she would probably be able to do it without getting “too violent.” But we thought, better be safe than sorry. Ok so a bit further down the magical mystery ride we find out this girl loves anal but wouldn’t let Tyler put anything up her ass. She even showed up to the shoot super excited that she brought her own butt plug, but quickly doused that fire by stating a hard no to nothing up her ass. Hmmmm? The excitements that ooze from this girl about sexual acts that can’t be performed today made me say this a few times. You know, and things that make you go hmmmm? Well she did lick ass for the first time ever today and even said it during her post shoot confessional that it was the highlight of the shoot and that she’d been trying to get guys to let her do it for about three years. But again, she made this statement about 75 seconds into doing it, “Fuck that, I ain’t eating ass no more.” Well said young lady, and another hmmmm. Do you kiss your loved ones with that mouth? But let’s strip away all the contradictions and ambiguity surrounding the action shall we and let’s get to the heart and essence of this girl because this girl is sweet as molasses when a dick’s not in her. I’m not kidding. This girl is 19 years-old and answers, “Yes ma’am and no ma’am” when spoken to, and other than her intensely aggressive tattoos this girl totally comes across as very well mannered. Sweet as a button Jessica is I’m telling you, but don’t let this freckly cutie pie fool you. No no no no no this girl is wild and likes to dominate. Not “be dominated,” but dominate, and today’s shoot was summed up quite eloquently while Tyler was trying to wrangle this Southern girl during the first position. “Dang girl you’re like wrestling a crocodile” he says in disbelief of how wild and intense Jessica is and you’ll just have to see for yourself. You just have to! So in summary, let’s be clear. Jessica’s a totally awesome and superbly wild girl to shoot with and yes today kind of felt like a hurricane had passed through the ExCoGi bedroom. Of course there were some impending warning signs of the potential danger that we carelessly shook off and yes inadequately prepared for the events. But hey, there was lots of intensity and passion which was immediately followed by eerily calms surrounded by the “not in the too distant future,” wrecking ball sex. Those are Tyler’s words used to describe today’s events right after he blew his load all over Jessica’s face and I have to agree with him. Today was a trip through the eye of “it” and ExCoGi Steve’s prediction of the weather today should have been sunshine mixed with a little hurricane. So buckle up and enjoy the ride because you’re not likely going to see another like it soon. Cheers!

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