[Exploited College Girls] Gigi

[Exploited College Girls] Gigi
They say you need to watch out for the quiet ones and now that we’ve seen Gigi in action, we know why! Once TC warms her up, she gets loud pretty fast. We think it must be that porn she watched while in elementary school, but a better bet is she hasn’t been laid in 10 months! Considering our horny little 19 year old hasn’t seen a big cock before, she was in for a surprise once TC let his manhood loose. Once she has his cock in her mouth and gets sloppy with it, you can tell she like surprises. Gigi is also a bit of a submissive, and once TC takes charge, you can hear her down the hall. At least the maids got some extra entertainment! It doesn’t take long to get her revved up once TC starts playing with her young pussy, and you can see how cock hungry she really is. Once TC lays her down and shows her what a big cock feels like, the real fireworks begin. Gigi’s favorite body part is her ass, and we have to agree. She’s got a booty that was made for fucking and can’t get enough of it once she starts taking it from behind. You can tell TC was enjoying the ride and after she finishes him off with some deep cock sucking, he let’s go with a huge facial that covers her face and then some. A lot of our girls stop there, but not Gigi, she goes right back at it and sucks every last drop like a good little subby. We think it’s a good idea to keep this one’s mouth full, if for no other reason than to keep the people in the next room from calling security about the screaming!


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