[Exploited College Girls] Gabbie Carter, Nikki Venom: Nikki Gabbie Threeway

[Exploited College Girls] Gabbie Carter, Nikki Venom: Nikki Gabbie Threeway
So here at ExCoGi we are all about firsts and real, non scripted, sex scenes… and this weeks video is Nikki’s first time having sex with a girl and 3some, along with Gabbies’ very first sex scene on camera. Booya! Sure Nikki is a little intimidated when Gabbie whips off her dress at the start of the shoot, fuck! Who wouldn’t be? Those tits are monsters for that little frame and I’m surprised she doesn’t have chronic back problems. Sure Gabbie is way more experienced also with girls than Nikki and confessed she just had a 3some with a young couple she meet on tinder a week before this shoot. Damn girl what a fucking little slut you are and just the perfect girl to show our first timer Nikki the ropes of licking pussy. Even though Nikki has never had a 3some or licked a pussy she took to it like a duck takes to water, confessing on camera “I think I’m a lesbian” when asked if she likes it. LOL. I LOVE FIRST TIMERS! Of course we love to give girls orgasms and they both use the Hitachi, aka “the orgasm torture device” on each other till they squirm in ecstasy. Yea Jjay gets to have his cock sucked by 2 super cute newbie’s at the same time. But the fun really starts when we get these little whores into a 69 and our resident stud takes turn fucking those sweet teen fuck-holes while they tongue and lick each other’s clits. Just try not to cum when you see these girls experiment and probe each other with their tongues and fingers. The way these girls taste each other’s pussy juices while watching a cock ram inside the others tight tender pussy is just another first for these nubile 18 year olds. Damn are we glad to exploit these 2 new comes first. You can tell these girls are sooooooooo into licking each others pussies and doing whatever we tell them to do, all the while getting fucked and enjoying these first time experiences, that this video almost qualifies as not being a porno and is just exactly what it is! Two totally fucking hot, girls-next-door types, that just turned 18 years old wanting to experiment their sexual desires while being the little slutty whores that we all hoped they’d be. And you our fans get to experience it POV or by being a fly on the wall as this sexual fantasy plays out. You don’t have to wonder if this is Nikki’s first time with a girl, or when Gabbie says, “I’m having the time of my life” while licking Nikki’s pussy and getting pounded… IT IS! This is innocence meets coming of age experimentation with 2 gorgeous girls just out of high school in a so fucking hot of a way! This is Nikki’s first GG 3some experience and Gabbie’s very first sex scene on camera so enjoy the experience. Steve

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