[Exploited College Girls] Emma Blanco

[Exploited College Girls] Emma Blanco
Meet 19 year old Emma Blanco from the sunshine state of Florida. This girl has spunk and is overflowing with moxie which translates into the perfect combination of cute, bold, sexy, fun, hot as fuck, mysterious, provocative, spirited, seductive, fine assed, cuddly, sensual, enthusiastic, risque, stimulating, energetic, titillating, sultry, adrenalizing and full of electrifying life newbie who just happens to exude ball tingling energy with a perfect, and I mean PERFECT, body who must be a gift from heaven goddess who has a eye wink and smile that says “fuck the shit out of me or go home pussy” and is just an all around intoxicating hot girl with a down for anything attitude that just wants to have fun. WOW! Say that 50 times fast in a row. Oh! and by fun I mean cock sucking, pussy licking, toy probing, clog your wind pipe deep throating, ass rimming, choking, hair pulling, throw me around, ass slapping, balls on your chin, face full of cum, pussy squirting, ass probing, bodily fluid swapping hell of a good time with one of the finest pussies and cute as a button asshole we have had the pleasure of splitting open in a long time. Oh boy does Jay have his hands full with this one. Ok ok ok, so she has a few NOT VERY noticeable small tattoos. Hey! She’s into the whole body modification thing, but trust me; this girl owns it and does so unapologetically leaving everyone she comes into contact with begging to have some of what she’s selling. You know the type. She’s that girl that every guy wants to be with and every girl wants to be. The life of the party, and we’re buying it fully loaded, cocked and ready. So now that we know a little something about our sweetie, Jay picks up our fresh off the tattoo chaired newbie and she finds herself on the top of the Tempe buttes spread eagle for an exhilarating magic wand orgasm in the crisp Arizona air as hikers pass by below. Yes it’s always feels better when someone’s watching. We also get a glimpse of her cock sucking skills atop the buttes, but just a taste. Then it’s back to the condo for a real proper fucking and a fucking they do. You’ll see. Just watch. Everything I listed above is all there and it’s a fucking totally awesome every position filled ALL-OUT-NASTY fucking these two do. So get ready! Ground yourself and prepare for the electrifying and energetic in your face Emma Blanco from Florida. She’s cumming at you!


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