[Exploited College Girls] Blair: 19 year-old

[Exploited College Girls] Blair: 19 year-old
Today is 19 year-old Blair who by all accounts is the stripper with the heart of gold we come to realize as this shoot progresses. But don’t let all her tattoos fool you. No no no no no, Blair is sweet, confident, and likes her sex soft and sensual with lots of kissing and passion. Well we’re not the playboy channel here but we are all about capturing whatever the situation presents and Blair presents a lot. Now I’ve never met a girl that’s had a continuous orgasm during sex until today. Well I believed her at the beginning, middle and end of this scene and so will you after watching it. But Steve, girls can fake orgasm can’t they? Yes and I’m sure lots of you have heard a girl fake it so let me tell you how I know she had a continuous orgasm? Blair’s claim to fame is that when she’s really really really really turned on and has great sex, and when she orgasms she cry’s tears of joy. Well the water works were a flowing and this first timer apparently hasn’t had many guys give her mind blowing, toe curling, fireworks going off great sex like my man Tyler did today because we had to leave a box of tissues on the bed for this girl and she broke her record today. It seemed the more we complimented her on what a perfectly beautiful pink pussy she had the more she would cry. She does in fact have one of the prettiest pink pussies we’ve had the pleasure of spreading on our bed lately and these two had a real connection. I think Blair’s in love with Tyler and his cock. Especially the way he magically made her pussy pure. Tru-tru, I’m not kidding when I say this girl can’t fake an orgasm either. You be the judge because she cried the entire shoot and it’s also probably because she can’t fake it for real! She can’t not cry I’m telling you when she’s having one and it’s adorable. On the flip side a girl always knows when a guy is coming because how does a guy fake a cum shot. Well there are lots of fake creampie sites and I hate to burst people’s bubble because most are fake and use fake cum, but that’s a different discussion for another day. I dislike creampies BTW, and yes I know lots of our fans love them so we’ll continue to do them but wouldn’t it be great if we always knew when a girl was coming? Well I guess if you suck in bed you wouldn’t want to know and from what I’ve heard from girls there are a lot of guys out there that suck in bed. But for all us pros who know how to suck pussy well and fuck a girl dirty right it would be kind of cool. I must however forewarn you also that there is a bunch of BTS footage I left in between the positions just so you could see for yourself how genuine Blair is and we love her for it and I hope you all do as well. So enjoy.

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