[Exploited College Girls] Asia Oakley

[Exploited College Girls] Asia Oakley
Today’s update is a meeting of two bodies, combining in perfect unity where the world’s Ying & Yang are in harmony. It’s a meeting were orgasms and squirting abundantly flows and inhabitations run wild. It’s where 18 year old far East hottie Asia Oakley meets resident Western stud Jake Adams in an all out passionately intense fucking of a life time and the world can now rejoice. Ok that’s quite the buildup, but this is a hot scene. So once we pick Asia up from the airport we find out that this girl is nervous, as mostly all our newbies are, but she’s also excited which we love. Right from the beginning Asia exhibits an outward confidence that’s sexy and we can see why guys, as much as girls, love her. She proclaims to not have “a type” and loves all genitalia equally, said coyishly with a big smile that’s quit infectious. You can also gather rather quickly that Jake is into Asia and he gets her naked pretty quickly during the interview and we’re all perfectly fine with that. He’s also quick to introduce her to the magic wand and she’s off to the first of many orgasms of the day which I think puts her more at easy and this pony show is off to the races. Asia does admit however that she’s not completely comfortable with her body, but damn girl why not? You are one fine girl and your smile lights up a room as much as your pussy lips say kiss me, and you know Jake does more than just kiss both sets of her lips. He throat fucks that sweet mouth of hers as well and fills her slit with his thick cock, and thick cocks are exactly what Asia’s been missing. “I’m only 18, so aren’t all the guys I’ve been with amateurs?” Yes they are honey, but all that’s about to change and Jake’s going to take full advantage of this opportunity that’s laid before him. So once back at the condo Jake lays Asia out on the bed and performs his signature “make her squirt” move and Jake never fails at it. Asia has her 3rd orgasm of the day before Jake’s cock is even out and you can tell this girl loves it rough and just wants whatever guy she’s with to just take control. No problem Asia because Jake loves to take control, and take control he does, giving her the fucking of her life with all the trimmings. It’s a full fuck-fest all you can eat, 10-course everyone’s gorging themselves on cock and pussy type of scene. But hey, wait a minute Steve. What about the ladies and the romance? Come on. Do you really think Jake wouldn’t slowly rim this fine girl’s asshole in between deep throatings? Or do you think he wouldn’t caress her body and nibble on her perky eager breast as she floats on cloud nine while he fulfils his perverted lustful desires on her innocent sole. You’re damn right he does and does it fucking well I tell you. It’s the fucking of her lifetime I say to you again. She’s still shaking from the day’s events during her confessional as she states she’s a porn star now. This girl is virtually speechless the entire time she’s in the shower and just ponders what just happened to her. A total daze she’s in as she reflects on the absolute working over her body just went through. Yes this video is another long one but who’s complaining. Just scrub through the passionate parts if that’s not your thing. There’s something in this video for everyone and it’s sure to be an ExCoGi classic. So happy fapping and until next week!


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