[BFFs] Lily Rader, Vienna Black, Carolina Sweets: Lust In Translation

[BFFs] Lily Rader, Vienna Black, Carolina Sweets: Lust In Translation
This group of three hot highschool girls have a plan to jump the new foreign boy in their school. So they dress up in really hot yoga pants and matching shirts to act like a welcoming and study committee for him. He knocks on the door and the girls already have their video camera rolling. They invite him in and tell him that they want to help him with his English. They start holding up words for him to pronounce, but all of them are of female genitalia. He tries to repeat words like titties, but the girls are more interested in demonstrating what they are. They show him their titties, asses, and pussies after holding up notebooks with the word so that he can connect the word to the real thing. The girls start to demonstrate blowjobs and fucking to him too. Each one of these hotties lays back on the couch and lets him get a turn inside their hot American pussies. They feel great about helping this newcomer in the land of free. He is enjoying this x-rated hooked on phonics lesson. His excitement over the English language is only shadowed by the excitement of fucking three hot American girls. This excitement explodes in the form of jizzum which is the the universal symbol for the feeling of aaaaahhhhhhh yeah.

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