[Bad MILFs] Bess Breast, Abby Somers: The Desire To Improve

[Bad MILFs] Bess Breast, Abby Somers: The Desire To Improve
The gorgeous Bess has tried it all, but she can’t stand boys and their smells. Thankfully, Abby knows a doctor who will surely know how to help her overcome this issue. As soon as Dr. Green arrives, he notices how difficult the situation is but uses his experience to tell them that there’s something they can do. A kinky, sloppy demonstration kicks off, and it seems the young Bess isn’t impressed, that is until Dr. Green shows up for session number two and shows some improvement; this time, she’s ready for more contact and joins in on the new, sexy demonstration. She knows who she wants to help her for the last step, so a hot threesome kicks off between doctor, patient, and Abby, promising to help this young vixen change forever.

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