[Backroom Casting Couch] Honey: 19 Years Old – Episode 1649

[Backroom Casting Couch] Honey: 19 Years Old – Episode 1649
Ooooooh Sugar sugar! Honey Honey! This week we have sweet and shy Honey. She’s 19 years old and she’s here to get a job in the jizz biz. She’s pretty, soft spoken, a little awkward, and very very leery about my connections. She kinda reminds me of Zooey Deschanel just a little bit with those cute bangs and coke bottle glasses. You know the routine, we get to know her a little bit, she;s unemployed and needs some money, especially here during the holidays. She loves girls, and is almost ready to do what it takes. Shes got ZERO gag reflex and passes the oral exam with flying colors. Cam spends a little time in her pussy this week but very quickly moves into that asshole, which unsurprisingly has never been fucked. So he lubes her up and goes to town. He really throws down the gauntlet on that fresh virgin asshole. She takes it in doggy, rides him, side spoon, that interesting position over the arm of the couch… we’re still not sure what to call that one. Maybe we’ll call it the gaper, cause he pulls his cock out and opens that butthole black hole right up. He fucks her ass right up to the point that he throws her on her knees and just covers that face with his jizz. I throw her a toy and make her masturbate with that cum getting cold and dry on her face, before I shoo her skeptical butt right out the door. Sorry Honey, but I hear the local mall is hiring seasonal workers.
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