[Backroom Casting Couch] Dani: First Time Anal With Braces

[Backroom Casting Couch] Dani: First Time Anal With Braces
We’ve got a sweet petite little treat for ya this week. Meet little Dani, she’s 5 foot nothing, 21 years old and cute as a button. If you were driving down the road and saw this gal walking down the street you’d probably think she was on her way to school. She’s a bit shy and reserved, but I think she’s ready and willing to do what it takes to get into the adult industry. Rick gets her on the couch and gets right into it. During the interview, we find out that she works at an animal shelter, which has to be tough, dirty work for dirty pay. Although I bet being around the animals is a plus. She’s pretty soft spoken, and when you see her smile and light up, she’s got the cutest braces. A young petite slut, AND she’s got braces. Idk if there’s much better in life. Rick gives her a pretty quick interview, and then it’s off with them clothes. She’s got a tight little body. Back on the couch with a toy in hand, she very quietly masturbates. She also gets to use a buttplug which she’s tried before apparently, but not anal. The buttplug doesn’t seem to bother her, and then, before she knows it she’s got my dick in her mouth. She does a lovely job of slurping down my cock, and pretty soon I’m fucking her pussy. This however, is when we get a little sideways. Turns out Aunt Flo swung by Danis house a little early this month. It’s always kinda funny to me when girls start their monthly in the middle of their castings. We’re not gonna let this stymie us though, so what are we gonna do about it? Well friends we’re gonna go straight into the ass my friends, and pop that butthole cherry! Now we don’t have much trouble getting in that ass for the first time, but it almost goes in too easy. I guess that’s probably for the best though, it’s always nice when it goes well. So I take this opportunity to make her ride, and pile drive that ass. We get some ass to mouth and a nice little gape or two outta her. After giving her the business in the chair, she gets down to her knees and I make it a point to get my jizz alllll over those pretty braces. Afterwards, Rick lets her get herself off (very quietly) with my cum dripping off her face. Then as always he gets her dressed, and lets her know she’s leaving without any compensation today, which doesn’t hurt her feelings too too much, and she leaves with smile. <3 Cam


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